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25 yrs, Can We Please Move On, Now?

I read something intresting from some ones blog…  (

so here I post it..

1984 is recorded as another landmark year in the Indian history. Operation Blue Star, followed by assassination of Indira Gandhi then PM of our country by her own body guards which lead to the riots and Sikhs were butchered by thousands in cold blood (the Govt white papers are not to be believed for the exact number because the truth is always under reported). All this lead to terrorism in Punjab that went on for so many years and eventually the socio-economic development of the state collapsed.

A few years ago one of my close childhood friends who moved to the US for further studies and now works there asked for my opinion on ‘Sikh terrorists, the demand for Khalistan, people making jokes about them, the unsaid but according to him evident grudge between Hindu-Sikh’.  And it made me wonder that if I know the history & culture of the religion right then the Sikhs were those who decided to join Guru Gobind Singhji’s army to protect people from the Mughals. He laid down the principle of 5 Ks and surname of Singh & Kaur as per the gender. So, if that’s the only differentiator then why would anyone hold any grudges against their own people?

Revisiting and talking about all that happened back then is not going to change anything. Demand for independent states has given birth to militancy and terrorism everywhere and we are no exception.

The ones waiting for justice continue to wait. Commissions, reports, fake promises, Govt talking in the air and expressing regret about whatever happened only adds to the misery of those who were left to fend for themselves and lost what mattered.  An elderly man who suffered the brunt rightly said, “Digging out skeletons from the closet only haunts. What we need to talk and address is that riots in the name of religion shouldn’t happen but that is not on anyone’s agenda.”

The last issue of Outlook magazine (dated Oct 19, 09, their 14th anniv- special) has many articles on Operation Blue Star before and after, so for those who want to read more can refer to it. I just want to refer to this one picture which they have used of a building owned by a Sikh family in Daryaganj that was set ablaze by the mob back then. I wish the magazine along with that article had also featured a picture of that building as of today where a Sikh family of many generations is still running a store that I have grown-up visiting, a sign that they have moved on.



I never saw myself more of a Hindu or less of a Sikh because my Indianess gives me an identity where ever I go and my parents have taught me that religion is my personal choice and not an issue for a debate in public.  Oh yes, If the joke is about one like me then I take pride in making you laugh that’s what we are meant to do serve others where ever we go and no better way than making someone crack-up with a joke  .

 Noted author & journalist Khushwant Singh a few years ago in one of his interviews said “Raj Karega Khalsa not with Kirpan but with Pen”. What better way to explain the glories of Sikhs in India and the world over. I just wish others too understand the meaning behind it and move on…


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  1. thanks for putting up my article on yr blog! that someone happens to be me. CheerS!

    Comment by Pallavi | October 26, 2009 | Reply

    • It is realy a TAXFREE Nice article and i need some good article for my New blog… so…

      Comment by priyank712 | October 27, 2009 | Reply

      • thats not an issue, though yr readers including me would like to read what you write!

        Comment by Pallavi | October 28, 2009

      • I am a new bie to this blog world.. and its new task for me, and every new task need some boost, like “Starting torque”, and these post plays roll of starting torque to my blog..

        Comment by priyank712 | October 29, 2009

    • Pallavi one more fan of your Blog. 🙂

      Comment by MadhaV | October 31, 2009 | Reply

      • OMG Madhav.. didn’t know I got fans! 🙂

        Comment by delhizen | October 31, 2009

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