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Interview -7 “‘ Chandrakant Prajapati.. “”

Chandrakant Prajapati..

Urf- Babu-jallela, IT manager,

Imran hazmi of RMI… not a serial kisser…. Serial ticket closer… and he has very well grip over female customers…


1) Tell us more about yourself.

Ans: My name is Chandrakant.(that you knows very well)more about me means ,I am Chandrakant Prajapati.

2) Why did you take up EC as a profession? What do you like most about it?

Ans: I am always interested to know about the communication and electronic circuitry ,I am mostly interested with Communication portion.

3) What do you like the most about yourself?

Ans: Quick response, fast work, Dedication on task, Confidence level.

4) What is your favorite pass time?

Ans: I am never interested for pass time.

5) Who are your idols or inspirations?

Ans: Dhiribhai Ambani, Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam (Avval Fakir Jemuladdin Abdul Kalam)

6) What is the biggest achievement in your life so far?

Ans: When my first interview was going on with CMS Commuters Ltd , Team leader asked me have you seen Hard disk ,I said “Sir, I have a computer at my home and how can it possible I have not seen it. Actually at that time I did not know what Hard disk is and I have never seen it. But due to the confidence if I will see it ,I will 100% I will able to handle it.

I am electronic and communication engineer but I can very well handle IT as well Communication atmosphere. If I am not wrong I am good engineer on this level. I can handle any situation.

Rapid Fire:

A)  If you are granted 3 wishes, what would you ask for?

Ans: Only one MOX

B)  If you were not an engineer, you would be?

Ans: 100% A Merchant

C)  Your biggest blooper till date is?

Ans: I am answering your bakwas interview mail.

D)  A moment you can never forget.

Ans: There are two moments which I can not forget

1: My birth on this great earth.

2: When entire Auditorium people was stading and given me the clapping.

E)  I know, you are waiting for this question only…. “” Tell me about your first Crush… ””

Ans: When I got “Vivah” with   Sonal.

F)  5 years from now, you will …???

Ans: Today also I am happy and praying to the God keep this progress as it is.

G)  If you were a politician, what will your 5 year plan look like?

Ans: I am never interested to be a Politian but if I am then I will be look like as Mr.Anil Kapoor (Nayak)

H) What do you want to say about ME?  Be Frank… I will keep it confidential, if I require.

Ans: To be a very frank you are very good person but you should improve your confidence level as well deep thinking and self decision maker.


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