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Indian Oil Corporation Limited..

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GATE Papers…

The previous GATE papers are available for free download on this page.

Here you can only get papers not spolution..

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General Knowledge Questions..

1) Who is the author of the book ” Sahibs Who Loved India” ?
a) Jagdish
b) Khushwant Singh
c) Chetan Bhagat
d) Nadeem Aslam

2) Who received the Indira Gandhi Prize for Peace, Disarmament and Development ?
a) Mohamed ElBradei
b) Wen Jiabo
c) Taro Aso
d) Nicholas Sarkhosay

3) Which country will be setting up a world Biggest Telescope ?
a) Japan
b) France
c) China
d) India

4) At which place was G-20 Summit held?
a) Washington
b) New York
c) Chicago
d) Los Angeles

5) ” Lisbon Treaty ” is the treaty accepted / adopted by the members of which of the following organizations recently?
c) European Union
d) NSG

6) Beri-Beri is the deficiency disease caused by the vitamin
a) B1
b) B5
c) A
d) C

7) Who has been appointed as President of Zambia?
a) Dawada Kairaba
b) Isatov Njle
c) Levy
d) Rupia Banda

8) Who is the Pepsico Chief ?
a) Indira Nooyi
b) Indira Mukerjee
c) Kiran Mazumdar
d) Deepa Mirza

9) “Fehmida Mizza” is a woman speaker of National Assembly of
a) Indonesia
b) Iran
c) Pakistan
d) Afghanistan

10) Who is called the “Grand Old Man Of India”?
a) Mahatma Gandhi
b) Dadabhai Naoroji
c) Gokhale
d) Tilak

11) Cabinet Mission came to India in which year?
a) 1942
b) 1932
c) 1916
d) 1946

12) Which five year plan has the objective ” Garibi Hatao” ?
a) first
b) fifth
c) seventh
d) eigth

13) Which river is declared as ” national river” ?
a) Ganga
b) Yamuna
c) Cauveri
d) Krishna

14) “No country for old men” is a
a) book
b) film
c) Drama
d) Poem

15) Hathigumbha inscription belongs to

16) He thought that his mother was not happy ……him
a) in
b) since
c) with
d) for

17) Do you really agree
(A) /that he has blamed us
(B)/ for the dispute, especially you and I
(C)/ No error
(D) ?

18) “ ENDEAVOUR” find the synonym
a) fail
b) success
c) attempt
d) try again

19) “ FABULOUS” find the antonym

a) rich
b) luxury
c) prudence
d) poor

20) The soldiers fought courageously …. The enemy troops
a) against
b) with
c) to
d) for

Hey.. friends.. Answer these Questions..

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25 Ways to Be Happy

I say that you should feel and be happy and enjoy life as much as you can, for nobody is going to be happy every moment of every day all the time. Life just does not work like that, but you can do it most of the time, as much as possible. Happiness needs to be earned, worked at and also appreciated. For those of you who seem to feel or think you have no real reason to be happy, also for those who seem to life a trouble free life as well, here are some thoughts as to help you remember that life is good, and you should be happy as much as you possible can all the time.


Change your way of thinking. Try and live every day you have as if it might just be your last day. Studies have shown that people that has survived a terminal illness or some horrible accident, those who witnessed a tragedy or has lost a loved one has a completely different perspective on life. Many will say that they no longer leave anything for later, they travel when they get the chance, they learn new skills as soon as they can and they contact long lost friends or relatives without notice or waiting. They know, as we all should know, that there might not be a later ever, later does not really exist.

Keep some sort of journal of the good things that happen to you every day. Keep a going list every day of all good things that happen to you, only the good nice things, nothing else. That lovely thing someone said to you the other day for example. You will not remember all the small nice things if you do not write them all down, then you can also go back and read up on these on the day that you might feel a little down and just pick yourself right up again. Problems can be solved and bad things will be cleared away from your thoughts when you write the good things down too. Go ahead; I dare you to try it, because it works!

Get some perspective on your life. Think about how you would like to be remembered by others, and what you would tell your children and grandchildren about your life. What would matter most, the meeting that you had to attend, the same meeting that caused you to miss your child’s school concert or an important sports event? Which would you enjoy more? Which would leave a lasting memory forever?

Do not let the small things bother or stress you. To waste your energy by getting upset about life’s small minor irritations is not worth it at all. Smile and just wave it out of your way, if it is the driver that will not let you pass or move over in the next lane, smile and wave at him, he is upset, rude and aggressive but that is his problem, not yours. So you missed you ride or the train, fretting about it is pointless, it will not bring the ride or the train back, it is gone. Sit down, relax, smile and enjoy that coffee or your favorite drink while you wait for the next ride to come along.

Do those unpleasant or difficult chores and tasks you have that need to be done as soon as you can. Get it over with, do them right now. Procrastination drains a lot of your energy and only burdens your mind. When you are constantly thinking and worrying about something that needs to be done, just do it now, you might as well get it over with and get it out of the way.

Make some changes in your routine. When we do the same thing day after day, week after week, life begins to seem like a real boring chore. We need to create some interest in our daily lives, and we need to start to do new exciting things. Like if you normally sleep in on a Sunday, then your normal sleep in becomes a habit, no longer a treat. Rather opt to get up early this next Sunday, and go and have breakfast in the park. You will be nice and early, you will beat the normal crowds and you will be on your way home as they start to arrive. Your day will even seem longer and you will have started it with a pure enjoyment. And for those who never sleep in, opt to arrange for one of those somehow, and experience the luxury of having a good sleep in.

Do not try to keep up with the neighbors or anyone else. So they have it all, the swimming pool, the latest equipment, the new luxury car…. Who cares? Take a closer look, then you will se that he works on weekends, and they never seem to have any time for each other or the kids, they never seem to have friends over and they never seem to relax. Who do you think is better off, really?

Have a big clean out, divest and rid yourself of useless stuff. Get rid of it all, the clothes you have not worn for a year, or the dinner service you’ve always hated, those kitchen utensils that are always in the way that you never seem to use, those unused linen just laying in the cupboard, the cot linen on the shelf when baby has already turned six. Old toys, books you don’t read and don’t like, furniture etc., give it all to charity or hold a garage sale and get it all out. Think about it this way, your old stuff can help our young families that is just starting out or students and also the poor that really needs it more than you do. The bonus to you is that your shelves and cupboards are clutter free and clean, you have more space. Your housework will be easier and more enjoyable, you vision is clearer and the feng shui of your home is improved as well.

Learn to say no. You do not have to do it if you don’t really want to. Your life is already very busy as is, and you are running from one thing to the next already. Give yourself space and think, think about yourself and give yourself time to do something for yourself. You are also important in your life.

In your relationship, remember to love and appreciate your partner for who and what he or she is. Can it be that your partner has really changed so much? Maybe you are the one who has completely changed. Or, and think about it, might he or she actually be the same person that you fell in love with, the one you used to adore so much. Your relationship might need some work, everything in life needs some repair work and maintenance from time to time, but all the parts should still be in good working order.

Do not let familiarity breed contempt. Your family and your partner deserve noting less than the same consideration you give to others. And you also deserve the same from you family and your partner as well. Look after each other.

Tell your partner, your family and your friends that you love them, and really mean it. Tell them what it is that you love about them, tell them and praise them when they do things well. A little well deserved praise never hurts and before you know it, you might be told the same things, when you are doing things well too, you never know… and the added bonus to this is that is really makes you feel good.

Do not always be a shoulder to lean on for troubled friends. It is hard, and it is a very difficult thing to do, but if your friend’s problems are affecting you, then you need to try not to be involved and available to them all the time. Distance yourself a bit, they also need to address and sort their own problems themselves and also move on away from the problems.

Phone, e-mail, contact or even write an old fashioned letter to some of your old friends or family. You seem to have lost touch, but it doesn’t need to be forever. Even some family that you haven’t spoken to for months or years, they would actually love to hear from you too.

Use some greenery, flowers and plants to enhance your mood. Cut some fresh lovely flowers from your garden, or het up early and head to the markets and fill your home with loads of cheap nice lovely flowers and some fruit and vegetables. We all had pot plants at some stage, what happened to those anyway? Lets bring them back, they fill your house with life and vitality, and they need little work and attention.

Go to the beach. The long views, the wind in your hair, the waves crashing, your bare feet in the sand, the sun on your skin – there is nothing so good for the soul as a beach trip. Even a walk in nature or on a hill will have a renewed an invigorating effect on you if you cannot get to the beach.

Create something yourself, with your hands. Paint, sculpt, sew, bake, garden etc., and create anything with your hands.

Breathe some fresh air. Stop what you are doing, to outside or open the windows wide. Breathe slowly and deeply to the bottom of your lungs and feel the stale air leave you again. Do this a few times a week at least, just take a moment to breath in some fresh air.

Go for a walk. Walking is gently exercise that will renew and invigorate you both physically and mentally. Taking a regular walk will make you feel better about your life and yourself soon, and you will soon be feeling better every day.

Rend a comedy, and have a good loud laugh. Especially some of the old classics that we have all seen years ago, these always work for me. Even if I have already seen it a few times, it seems to make me laugh louder every time. These are very good stress and tension relievers.

Move your furniture and ornaments around for a change, change rooms and paint some walls. It is very much true, a change is as good as a holiday; go on just try it and you will see.

Give yourself something to look forward to, something exciting. Book a message or body pampering for you; plan a night out or book a weekend away or plan an entire holiday. Treat yourself, but plan ahead so that you have time to wait in anticipation and look forward to what is in store for you.

Invite some friends or relatives or just someone you know from somewhere over for dinner. Get everyone to dress up, and decorate the room and the table as well. Like a real fancy dinner party. Greet everyone with cocktails or champagne and have soft music playing. Spend time with the invitations, and the planning of the menu; enjoy the shopping, preparations and cooking. People cannot help but to respond positively when you have gone through a lot of effort for them. Such a night will be good fun, but do not get stressed over the cleaning of the house before hand, leave it, no one will notice anyway.

Smile, smile, smile. Smiling is contagious, just try it and you will see. When you are on the bus or train, just smile at someone without any reason, or when walking past someone in the shop, just smile and nod at them. Smile to yourself as well, as if you might have some very intriguing secret or you know something that no one else knows. Just smile for no reason at all.

Make someone else happier, make their day. This might sound a bit corny, I know, but why the heck not? Just do it, start by suppressing the urge to blast your horn at someone that annoys you, smile at them and let it go. Or you could always go one step further and volunteer some of your spare time to charity, and help those that really need it.

In short, Enjoy every moments of your Life…

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25 yrs, Can We Please Move On, Now?

I read something intresting from some ones blog…  (

so here I post it..

1984 is recorded as another landmark year in the Indian history. Operation Blue Star, followed by assassination of Indira Gandhi then PM of our country by her own body guards which lead to the riots and Sikhs were butchered by thousands in cold blood (the Govt white papers are not to be believed for the exact number because the truth is always under reported). All this lead to terrorism in Punjab that went on for so many years and eventually the socio-economic development of the state collapsed.

A few years ago one of my close childhood friends who moved to the US for further studies and now works there asked for my opinion on ‘Sikh terrorists, the demand for Khalistan, people making jokes about them, the unsaid but according to him evident grudge between Hindu-Sikh’.  And it made me wonder that if I know the history & culture of the religion right then the Sikhs were those who decided to join Guru Gobind Singhji’s army to protect people from the Mughals. He laid down the principle of 5 Ks and surname of Singh & Kaur as per the gender. So, if that’s the only differentiator then why would anyone hold any grudges against their own people?

Revisiting and talking about all that happened back then is not going to change anything. Demand for independent states has given birth to militancy and terrorism everywhere and we are no exception.

The ones waiting for justice continue to wait. Commissions, reports, fake promises, Govt talking in the air and expressing regret about whatever happened only adds to the misery of those who were left to fend for themselves and lost what mattered.  An elderly man who suffered the brunt rightly said, “Digging out skeletons from the closet only haunts. What we need to talk and address is that riots in the name of religion shouldn’t happen but that is not on anyone’s agenda.”

The last issue of Outlook magazine (dated Oct 19, 09, their 14th anniv- special) has many articles on Operation Blue Star before and after, so for those who want to read more can refer to it. I just want to refer to this one picture which they have used of a building owned by a Sikh family in Daryaganj that was set ablaze by the mob back then. I wish the magazine along with that article had also featured a picture of that building as of today where a Sikh family of many generations is still running a store that I have grown-up visiting, a sign that they have moved on.



I never saw myself more of a Hindu or less of a Sikh because my Indianess gives me an identity where ever I go and my parents have taught me that religion is my personal choice and not an issue for a debate in public.  Oh yes, If the joke is about one like me then I take pride in making you laugh that’s what we are meant to do serve others where ever we go and no better way than making someone crack-up with a joke  .

 Noted author & journalist Khushwant Singh a few years ago in one of his interviews said “Raj Karega Khalsa not with Kirpan but with Pen”. What better way to explain the glories of Sikhs in India and the world over. I just wish others too understand the meaning behind it and move on…

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Photography.. An Inbuilt Power..


here is some most beautiful shots by my HP420 phot smart..

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